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About Gem Elixirs

Gemstone Elixirs

Gifts from the Earth

Gem Elixirs are made from the mineral form of the gem as found in nature. Both are used for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual change.

Everything on this planet has its own energy field surrounding it. Flower Essences and Gem Elixirs are the result of the interplay of a mineral or flower and sun/moonlight and water. The energy of the sunlight transfers the energetic imprint of this pattern into the water which has the capacity to hold the integrity of the energetic pattern.

Which One Should I Choose??

To choose an elixir, read through the listed properties of each one and based on what resonates with you, select an essence. Daily, re-familiarize yourself with the attributes of the gem and use the elixirs with the conscious intent of supporting and promoting those properties in your own vibration. They may be dropped under the tongue, added to a beverage, rubbed into pulse or chakra points, put in bath water or sprayed on your body, into your aura or around a room.

Dosage or Stock?

So here's how it works.  The original gem infusion when taken out of the sun and bottled with brandy is considered the "mother."  The first dilution is made by placing a certain number of drops of the "mother" into another bottle of purified water and brandy and this is called the "stock" bottle  The second dilution is made by placing a certain number of drops from the "stock" bottle into yet another bottle of purified water and brand and this is called the "dosage" bottle.

At each dilution, the bottle is "succussed" and placed into a rose quartz and kyanite bowl to enhance its vibrational resonance.  Although you may think that the "strongest" would be the original "mother" elixir, it has been shown time and again that the "dosage" bottle is the most effective way to use these elixirs.

The only reason to purchase the "stock" bottles is if you want to make dosage bottles for others.  This is something that practitioners may wish to do.  But generally, the recommended form for most people is the "dosage" bottle.

Each essence comes in a glass Amber bottle with dropper with distilled water and brandy (10% alcohol by volume). Dosage bottles are 1oz; stock bottles are .5oz.

Usage Information

The recommended dosage for gem elixirs is 3-7 drops taken 3-4 times daily. The best times to ingest these preparations is upon awakening, around noon, before dinner and in the evening. Generally, do not take any vibrational remedies during a meal. It is usually recommended to take gem elixirs for 3 or 4 weeks at a time and then stop for a few weeks. It is generally not recommended to continue taking the same elixir for more than a year (Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vol 1, Gurudas).

Each individual is different. If you are very sensitive, you may want to consider starting your relationship with this elixir by simply putting it by your bedside or carrying it with you for a while. When you feel inspired to do so, sensitive individuals may take 1 drop under the tonque to gauge their reaction. You may also put a drop or two in a beverage or hydrosol spray.

I recommend reading the label frequently as a useful technique for clarifying your focus as you explore this new friendship and -- like all relationships you draw into your experience -- discover the gifts it has to offer you. Enjoy the journey!

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