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Mindful Skin Care - Make Your Life a Meditation

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Many of us want to spend more time pursuing a spiritual practice but demands on our time can make that challenging. In this post, I will share with you some ideas that may broaden your perspective on what a “spiritual practice” is and how to use your daily routine to create a day that fills your life with joy and your heart with wonder.

Allow yourself to take the time to slowly move through this routine without rushing or thinking about worldly demands.  I have provided links to my own product creations but this exercise may be done with any skin care products you are currently using.

Begin this mindfulness practice by standing in front of the sink/mirror and gaze gently at your own reflection. Notice any need you may have to judge your reflection and forgive yourself. Smile.  Take a few deep cleansing breaths.

Step 1: Cleanse

Run a little water at a temperature that you find pleasing and, with eyes closed, splash your face. Rub a pumpful of the Neroli and Jasmine Foaming Cleanser between your palms and breathe the scent before gently rubbing it over your entire face. Notice the slippery feeling of the cleanser on your skin paying particular attention to any sensations of harmony and well being that are inspired by these heart-opening scents and flower essences. Feel the cleansing release any sleepiness or residual tiredness from the night’s sleep. Cleanse yourself of limiting beliefs as you are cleansing your skin by saying softly three times:

"I can be or do or have anything."

Feel the truth in that statement. Rinse your skin and allow those limiting beliefs to go right down the drain where they belong! Pat your face dry.

Step 2: Tone

Lightly mist your face with a Hydrosol Toner with Flower essences and Lemurian Quartz gem essence. Feel the sensation of your skin drinking in this balancing and re-hydrating distillate. Pause briefly after misting and breathe deeply of the scent to feel the profound shift in your vibration as you align with the feelings of universal love and oneness.

Step 3: Moisturize and Massage

While your skin is still moist from the misting, rub a couple drops of the Argan Skin Serum between your palms. Not too much. Now, with eyes closed, gently massage your skin. There are many wonderful facial massages on line. At the end of this post I will provide some links. Or you can create your own! Some general guidelines are to massage upwards, use sweeping movements and be gentle but firm. After you learn the steps, I recommend doing the massage with closed eyes and focusing on each movement as it revitalizes your skin by stimulating circulation and improving muscle tone. Slowly and deliberately, move your fingertips over your skin and focus on flooding your skin with loving appreciation for being with you on this journey of life. Notice your skin’s soft glow and the slight feeling of warmth generated by the friction of your loving touch.

Step 4: Nourish, Refine & Protect

After your facial massage, most of the serum will be absorbed and you may apply the face cream of your choice. With the deliberate intent to nourish your skin deeply, apply the face cream and allow the nourishing ingredients and the flower and gem essences to resonate with you with the simple statement:

"I allow myself to resonate with these essences."

Breathe and notice what you are feeling.

Step 5: Affirmation

By now your skin will be glowing! Gaze into your own eyes and say aloud:

"I am a beautiful, radiant, brilliant light and it emanates from my whole being. I am infinitely wise and possess all the answers within. I am Divine."

Giggle! Giggle again! And then add…

"I am awesome!"

Now go out there and create your life! Watch how your day unfolds as you draw experiences to you that match the vibration of the energy you have activated in yourself. Meditation is an exploration of your inner landscape and a practice in the art of allowing. Explore how this practice evolves for you over time.

All is well. You are loved <3 <3


Facial Massage Links:

YouTube: Tanaka Facial Massage

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