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Stepping into Age, Wisdom and Power

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There is a growing awareness of our eternal nature and the power of our ability to create our own reality. After decades of practicing a belief system that creates a disempowering and hopeless reality for many older people, this knowledge is transforming our potential futures.

This post is for anyone who has panicked at the site of their first silver strands or laugh lines; has someone in their life who is over 18; or has struggled with their own mortality. That’s right. This post is for everyone who would like to create a wonderful life and to support their loved ones in their process.

You are an eternal being having a physical experience. Anything you do that allows you to feel more at peace helps

to align you with your eternal nature and improves your life as the Law of Attraction presents more experiences to you that match those feelings. This is the foundation of everything in your life from what you are living right this minute to what you will experience in 20 or more years.


Elder: a person who is older or higher in rank than oneself; an influential member of a tribe or community, often a chief or ruler; a superior.

Many cultures have long revered their elders, eager to capitalize on years of living and the wisdom gained from exploring life. But in the west, we have a strong medical model that for decades has dictated the inevitable decline of the human body and mind as the norm. We hustle our aging into nursing homes where they are often over medicated and under loved. And the really sad part is that this is considered by many to be normal.

You can only create a reality for yourself that you believe is possible. You must have a clear vision of yourself and your loved ones as powerful creators in order to be of any real value to anyone.

This post is to share some insights I have explored over the years. I think it is great fun to watch these things evolve and to be part of that process. It’s also important to remember that the cultural shift doesn’t have to be “finished” before anyone can enjoy this higher vibrational state. By just being more focused on what you want and less influenced by the conventional “wisdom,” you will bring about a vibrational shift that will allow you to create whatever reality you wish. Choose carefully the things you give your attention to - this is the key.

  • Regardless of your age or physical state, make peace with the condition of your body. Instead of talking about its problems, focus on all that it does well. Bring awareness to the fact that it is and will continue to be your greatest teacher. Be grateful for any opportunity to support its wellbeing and healing. Replace the phrase “I can’t <activity> any more” with “I love <activity> now”. Using words that emphasize current abilities instead of loss of abilities sends a powerful message to your own subconscious. Try it and feel the difference. But also watch as your conditioned ego struggles with the behavior change. We are so well trained to be victims of our process but we are also excellent learners. Your learning need not end even as you draw your last breath in this physical body and prepare to re-emerge into your non-physical self.
  • Talk about the future you want to create. Get excited. See yourself doing those things and know as you care for your physical body that you are preparing yourself. For me, I have a clear vision of myself on a paddle board with

    dolphins and whales beneath me. Every time I get on the floor to do my practice, I can see myself as strong, limber and fearless as I gaze at the sea and meditate on the calm surf. Whatever comes my way, I know that I am creating some version of this reality. Hurray!!!

  • Be aware of any inclination you may have to attribute anything in your reality to “part of the aging process.” It is part of YOUR process. Part of the “living” process. It is LIFE. A play on words? Oh yes! But a powerful one. Because of our common culture, using these words triggers a deep subconscious response.
  • Bring awareness to your need to inquire about another’s age or report your own. Why do you want to know? What difference does it make? When you start seeing people as the timeless creatures they are, this becomes irrelevant information.
  • More strokes and less jokes. People are generally very uncomfortable with the idea of aging. Who wouldn’t feel that way when they are bombarded on every front with information that says that their body will betray them and that an awful end awaits. The way people deal with their fear is to make jokes about aging. It is common to hear a group of individuals standing together at a party gaily (not) sharing their aging anecdotes and pretending that all is as it should be because, hey, what do you expect. It’s part of the aging process. When you experience this kind of thing, do not push against it. Just witness it and recognize it for what it is. As feels appropriate, you can start talking about the things you are looking forward to doing yourself or just generally witness the conversation with compassion.
  • Giving unsolicited advice. When you insert yourself into another’s experience by telling them what you think they should do, you are assuming that you know better than they do and that there is something wrong with them that needs fixing. Each of us has a path that is uniquely our own that we have created to provide us with the opportunity to expand in ways appropriate for us. To share something that has worked well for you is fine but to do so with the belief that it is the “right” path for another crosses the line into control. And hidden beneath the need to control is always fear. Your fear. Look at it. Love it. And release it. It will not serve you now or ever.

These ideas may be meaningful to you and you may understand them with your intellect. However, observe yourself over the coming weeks and days and you may come to realize as I have that you do not actually believe them all yet. A belief is nothing more than a thought you keep thinking. If, for example, you find yourself commiserating with others about your perceived ill-fated humanness, bring awareness and compassion to your perceptions and gently shift them into something that better serves you. With time, you will become solid in your vision and powerful in your ability to create anything you desire. But most of all, have fun with it and don’t take yourself or others too seriously. Enjoy the ride!

As there is more consciousness in the body, its molecular structure actually becomes less dense. More consciousness means a lessening of the illusion of materiality. When you become identified more with the timeless inner body than with the outer body, when presence becomes your normal mode of consciousness and past and future no longer dominate your attention, you do not accumulate time anymore in your psyche and in the cells of the body. The accumulation of time as the psychological burden of past and future greatly impairs the cells' capacity for self-renewal. So if you inhabit the inner body, the outer body will grow old at a much slower rate, and even when it does, your timeless essence will shine through the outer form, and you will not give the appearance of an old person. Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

Additional Reading:

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