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Gem Elixirs

Gem Elixirs


Product Description

These gem elixirs were all made at the time of the lunar eclipse of this year (between April 15 - 17).  This was a time of a powerful shift on the planet.  This energy combined with the already potent vibration of the gems has resulted in some wondrous elixirs indeed.

You can read through the follow descriptions to determine which one(s) resonante with you.  For more information about choosing and using these powerful tools read more...

Amber Gem Elixir: A grounding elixir for higher energies, neutralizing negative or conflict energies, Amber Gem Elixir helps to "spiritualize" the intellect. It aligns the mental and emotional bodies. Amber assists in recognizing and eliminating resistance on all levels and developing an attitude of allowing. It enhances memory and mental well-being and can be used for inner child and past life work.

Tigers Eye Gem Elixir: Combining earth energy with the energies of the sun, Tigers Eye Gem Elixir creates a high vibrational state that draws spiritual energies to earth while simultaneously providing grounding creating a foundation for awakening. Deals with issues of self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creativity making it possible to more effectively create a desired life circumstance. Supports clarity of intent and purpose in accomplishing goals with a focus on broader perspective.

Amethyst Gem Elixir: Harmonizing the physical, mental and emotional bodies and linking them to the spiritual, Amethyst Gem Elixir purifies the aura. Promoting love of the divine, Amethyst encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom. Opening multi-dimensional awareness, it enhances metaphysical ability. A natural tranquilizer. Amethyst produces a calm, clear and focused mind. It acts on the crown chakra, improving the communication with higher aspects of self and helps to overcome unwanted habits and addictions.

Blue Sapphire Gem Elixir: Beneficial for serenity, peace of mind, concentration and multi-dimensional cellular healing. Blue Sapphire Gem Elixir is for the seeker after spiritual truth and is traditionally associated with love and purity. This tranquil stone assists in staying on the spiritual path and is used in shamanic ceremonies to transmute negative energies. Facilitates self-expression and speaking ones own truth. (Hall)

Monotomic Andara Crystal Gem Elixir: A healer and a powerful tool for increasing awareness and vibration to access universal knowledge; cleaning and balancing chakras; activating one’s energy-channeling ability; accelerating the spiritual development process; and aiding a person in manifesting the life s/he chooses. (Mark Naea)

Lemurian Quartz Gem Elixir: Within the planetary hologram, they are linked to all other crystals. They transmit to these crystals the message of Oneness and Unity and Love that was the key energy of Lemuria. This is their work, to reactivate within the planetary matrix this ancient memory of oneness and unity so that it may become the way of life on the New Earth. (Celia Fenn)



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  1. Blue Sapphire Ritual

    Erica (Submitted on 2nd Jul 2014)

    I began using the blue sapphire elixir for meditation, which I also share with my meditation group. The most frequent experience I have when using it is one where unhelpful mental energies and thoughts are shed and there is more ability to focus and rest in the focus, without struggle. Thank you for these wonderful products, gifts for body and soul!

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