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Pay It Forward Testimonials

How Did You Pay It Forward?


I got a free jar of your wonderful Honey Jasmine Face Cream and here I am, writing a report for what I've done to pay it forward! Shortly after I got your cream, a neighbor came over asking for a help with doggie sitting her lovely pup for a few days. Of course, I said yes. She wanted to pay me but I asked her to donate whatever she feels like to our local animal shelter instead. And she did! In addition, I picked up a couple of shopping bags full of trash at the trail where my dog and I like to hike - I always wanted to clean that place up but having your cream gave a "do it NOW" boost!  Thank you for doing that! You spread love to all kind of places! -- Bloomington, IN (December, 2015)
While I was volunteering at our local food shelf I found out that my church has a program to help people in our community. They have a fund that can be used for food, utilities or other immediate needs. There are many requests especially at the end of the month when paychecks are stretched. I have made a donation to this fund. -- Virginia, MN (March, 2015)
I have volunteered with BIGNYC - helping them sort their shop for 5 hours. I have donated clothes and shoes and continue to do so. I have given a few homeless people food that I just happen to have in my bag - apple, orange, banana and a salad. I recently volunteered with some co-workers at CANstruction NYC (construction works of art using canned food that will be donated to the needy). We did the peacock canstruction. I helped with the de-canstruction so that the food can be donated to the needy.  Thank you so much for the face cream. It really is a staple for around my eyes! -- Brooklyn, New York (March, 2014)
Spent some time at the Ellettesville library this morning. They were very much in need of dusting. Our crew set our to dust every surface in the place. We were an army of Swiffer-welders! PS And I LOVE the Green Tea Face Cream. It is exactly what I need for rosacea. Thank you, Kathy! -- Bloomington, Indiana (October, 2014)

I attended the vigil for a couple of slain officers in our community, Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo, and donated $20.00 to their families.  I also donated 2 large bags of clothing and shoes to Big Brothers and Big Sisters. And while traveling in Dallas Texas, I gave a homeless man a few dollars. -- Las Vegas, Nevada (July 2014)

I donated two large garbage bags of clothes and helped some friends put together a birthday party for their little one who is turning 1 year old. I also volunteered at the community kitchen prepping food. I will continue to keep that practice of helping and giving with myself and again thank you for making such wonderful products! -- Bloomington, Indiana (June 2014)

Kathy, thanks so much for the "Pay it Forward" Green Tea Face Cream. I pulled out the prayer shawl I started a LONG time ago and made some progress on it and also pulled out some odds and ends of pink and blue yarn to make preemie caps. It has been so long so I did them, but it came right back to me and three just jumped off my knitting needles and they have already been delivered to hospital! -- Bloomington, Indiana

I ordered a jar of Kathy's Honey Jasmine Face Cream through the Pay It Forward program. I then purchased a version of the Oxford English Dictionary and donated the volumes to the local library. The cream is great. -- Basalt, Colorado

I donated to an organization that assists refugees from North Korea. -- Calgary, Canada

Well Kathy, it truly was a weekend of giving back and "paying it forward". As recipient of a jar of your wonderful Honey Jasmine Face Cream, I promised to spread the love but really hadn't pinned down exactly what to do. Then came the second largest snowstorm in New England's history! It was soon clear to both me and my husband what needed to be done. We collected ourselves and most of the adults and children in our little piece of the world and began to put a dent in the 24+ inches of white fluffy snow that had fallen all around us. We managed to clear all our driveways and sidewalks while reconnecting with friends and neighbors we've neglected because we've all been "too busy" to engage. We enjoyed each other's company so much that once we had warmed ourselves sufficiently and donned a fresh, dry change of clothes, we gathered for a feast. If there's one thing we know how to do here in Connecticut, it's how to cook up a storm before a storm. So there were certainly plenty of goodies to go around. Thank you Kathy, for giving us that nudge we needed to help our neighbors and share our gifts! -- New Milford, CT

What an awesome idea! I am already a customer of Creating Harmony, and there are some items that I would love to have, but just can't spend the money. Honey Jasmine Face Cream is one of them!!! I was able to get this wonderful cream just by offering to do something great in exchange! As soon as I picked up my cream, I grabbed the hubby and went off for a hike near our local creek. The nearby road causes all kinds of trash and debris to collect in the creek and would eventually travel to a river and then a lake. We picked up a huge bag of trash, recycled what we could and disposed of the rest. It made us feel good to be doing something 'extra' and in return, I have my wonderful face cream! Thank you Creating Harmony for such a great idea! -- Paula Patton, Bloomington, IN

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