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How to Pre-Order Products


As some of my products have become more popular, I am having a little trouble keeping up with stock. This business was never intended to grow beyond my ability to do the work myself and so I am not opting to hire employees.  What this means to my loyal customers is that sometimes products may be out of stock for a while. 

So that I can gauge the interest/need of my customers, I am implementing a pre-order process.  This will make it possible for me to continue to provide the products you have grown to enjoy without constantly finding the item you want is out of stock. 

To pre-order an out of stock item, fill out the Pre-Order Request Form and you will be placed on the waiting list. I will verify your continued interest before preparing the product and accept payment at that time. Production will take place when enough product has been requested. You may contact me any time to inquire about the status of the waiting list and possible dates of availability.

Please consider this limited availability when you place your order to ensure you do not run out. At the latest, I suggest placing your pre-order when you open your last product to increase the probability that you will have another one when you are ready.  Contact me about appropriate long term storage requirements/suggestions in the event you wish to stock any product for over 6 months.

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